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Take Your Macarons to the Next Level in One Simple Step!
Fun Purple Macarons With Bakery Bling Edible Glitter for Birthday Party Trendy Sparkling DessertsPURPLE BIRTHDAY MACARONS WITH BAKERY BLING PURPLE GLITTERY SUGAR

Glittery Macarons are the new IT trend. Sparkling sweets are starting to pop-up everywhere in the baking world, and macarons are not excluded from this trend. Edible glitter takes macarons to the next level, making them magical without ruining their signature texture or altering their delicious flavor. Glittering macarons are HOT for weddings, baby showers, bridal parties, anniversaries, birthday parties, and any holiday or occasion that deserves a little extra dazzle down to the last detail.  


You may know that there are thousands of edible glitter prism powders, sprays, sprinkles, glitters, and disco dusts on the market. But It is no secret that these edible glitters, aren't actually edible. Anything with "non-toxic" on the label is bad news. These "non-toxic" prism powders and sparkling "dusts" are actually ground up plastic, much like the craft glitter you would find in the art section at Walmart or Michael's. Just because a label says "non-toxic", doesn't mean it is safe to consume. I mean, you wouldn't eat a Sharpie...would you? 


Safe Edible Glitter That Is Actually Edible Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar Sprinkles for Cakes Cookies Cupcakes Cake Pops Cake Balls Macarons Weddings Birthday Baby Showers Parties Unicorn Mermaid Trendy DessertsHot NEW Product: Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar: The 100% Edible Glitter Sprinkles for Baking and Decorating Desserts!

That's why bakers everywhere are raving about Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar. Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar is 100% edible and sugar based and contains NO plastics, harmful chemicals, or "glitter prism" dusts. Macaron artists everywhere are picking up on this hot new product and running with it for all of their special occasion orders and consumers (and their digestive systems) are loving this hot new product. Bakery Bling was made when CEO, Lauren Brooks, realized that her beloved edible glitter was not edible. There wasn't a safe sparkling product for sweets in the baking world, and she wanted to be the first to change that. That is how Glittery Sugar was born! 



Safe Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar

Celebrate Everyday: There's a Glittery Sugar for Every Occasion



Glittery Sugar Edible Glitter Sprinkles Metallic Gold Metallic Silver Sprinkle ShakersSHINE BRIGHT:: METALLIC SILVER AND METALLIC GOLD GLITTERY SUGAR 


Platinum Silver Sparkling Macarons with Silver Bakery Bling 5th Avenue Glittery Sugar Edible Glitter Sprinkles for Weddings and Bridal Shower DessertsBLING FOR THE BRIDE: Macarons drenched in 5th Avenue Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar

Weddings wouldn't be weddings without bling. Our most popular product for wedding and bridal shower macarons is our "5th Avenue" Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar. 5th Avenue is a gorgeous, platinum and silver sugar sprinkle mix that features various sizes of silver edible glitter squares. 


Silver Sparkling Macarons for Weddings and Bridal Showers with Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar Sprinkles PLATINUM PERFECTION FOR THE BRIDAL SHOWER PARTY: MACARONS WITH GLITTERY SUGAR




Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Macarons with Pink and Blue Edible Glitter Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar SprinklesOH, BABY! Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Macarons with Bakery Bling Edible Bling

We love bling for every occasion, but celebrating a new baby? The blingier the better! We teamed up with Dana's Bakery for her one-of-a-kind Gender Reveal macarons. What better way to tell your family your special news than with sweets?! Bite open a chocolate covered macaron and inside is a pink or blue macaron with our pink or blue edible glitter. 



Unicorn Macarons with Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles by Bakery Bling: Bakery Bling Unicorn Confetti Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar for Unicorn Birthday PartiesFLIGHT OF THE UNICORN: FABULOUS MACARONS MADE WITH UNICORN CONFETTI GLITTERY SUGAR 

Unicorn parties are perfect for any glitter lover, big or small! Sprinkle some magic over your favorite flavored macaron to add some extra sparkle to your special day. Bakery Bling Unicorn Confetti Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar was made with the most magical moments in mind. Every celebration deserves sparkle and shine, especially when there are unicorns involved! 



Unicorn Macarons: The Unicorn Macarons Made with Safe and Sparkling Edible Glitter Sprinkles by Bakery BlingPro-Tip: The most memorable macarons are made with Bakery Bling magic! 



Rainbow Unicorn Magic Macarons: Macarons Decorated with Bakery Bling Safe 100% Edible Gold Glitter DustMacaron Perfection: Customer Photo by @ChristinasCupcakes using Golden Stardust Glittery Dust


Mermaid Macarons with Edible Glitter: The Perfect Mermaid Party DessertMermaid parties just aren't complete without dazzling, deep sea macarons! (@crememacarons)


Dazzling Macarons of the Deep Blue Sea: Mermaid Magic Macarons with Edible Glitter Bakery Bling SprinklesMollusk macarons made to resemble sparkling sea glass seashells. These macarons were made possible by Bakery Bling Mermaid Magic Glittery Sugar and dazzled guests at this Under the Sea Mermaid Birthday Party! 


The magic of mermaid birthday parties doesn't stop at cakes and party decor, macarons deserve a little bit of our Magic Mermaid Glittery Sugar too! Put around the rim of your favorite mocktail (or cocktail!), add to macarons, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and so much more! Magic Mermaid is versatile and fun!


Disneyland Uses Bakery Bling Edible Glitters For a SAFE Sparkling TreatMACARONS ARE RAVISHING IN ROSE GOLD EDIBLE BLING GLITTERS

You may have even spotted Bakery Bling on many treats in some of your favorite places around the United States! From golden churros, to macarons, popcorn and pizza, funnel cakes, ice cream and cotton candy, Bakery Bling proves that glitter makes everything better. 

For more macaron magic, visit our Instagram Page (@bakerybling) to see how you can use Glittery Sugar to turn any dessert into a dazzling dream. 

Check out this blog post that shows you 15 Unique Ways to Use Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar!  Show us some love in the comments below. 


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Aug 27, 2021

I love the way you guys write. So fun. Thanks for sharing such beautiful macs.

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