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10 Must-Have Edible Glitter Sprinkles That Every Baker Needs In Their Collection

10 Must-Have Edible Glitter Sprinkles Every Baker Needs To Have in Their Collection

Sprinkles – the magical touch that transforms any dessert into a celebration! From cakes to cookies, and ice cream to cocktails, sprinkles add that extra dash of sweetness to every bite. And as any decorator knows, the most magical sprinkle blends have edible glitter. But with so many options out there, which ones truly stand out?
We've curated a list of the top ten edible glitter sprinkles that every baker must have in their collection. Get ready to sprinkle some magic in your baking with our top glittery sugar™ picks!
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See below for our top 10 favorite edible glitter sprinkles mixes from our collection of 100% edible glittery sugar

1. Unicorn Confetti Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™

Transform your treats with a sprinkle of unicorn essence. Unicorn Confetti adds a dazzling touch that sparkles with every bite.

2. Drenched in Diamonds Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™ 

For weddings or any special occasion, these diamond-inspired sprinkles elevate your creations to new levels of elegance.

3. Expensive Taste Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™

Add a touch of luxury with Expensive Taste! This metallic gold shimmering blend is sure to make your desserts shine.

4. Coco Couture Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™

Make a statement with this classy blend of black and white sugars and our 100% edible glitters. Perfect for adding a touch of glamour to any dessert.

5. Magic Mermaid Glittery Sugar™ 

Bring the enchantment of the sea to your treats with Bakery Bling's Magic Mermaid sprinkles. Dive into a world of sparkle and shine.

6. Hot Tamale Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™

Spice things up with this hot blend. This fiery sunset of sprinkles are the epitome of opulence.

7. 5th Avenue Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™

Silver sophistication meets sweetness with 5th Avenue. Perfect for wedding cakes, NYE, graduations and more. 

8. In Bloom Glittery Sugar™

Celebrate the beauty of nature with In Bloom. These edible glitter daisies will brighten any dessert.

9. Galaxy Glitz Glittery Sugar™ 

This cosmic edible glitter blend of sprinkles is out of this world! Adorned with silver stars, this twinkling mix is sure to be your favorite.

10. Hollywood Hills Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar™ 

For a touch of glamour, sprinkle on Bakery Bling's Rose Gold squares. These edible bling sprinkles add a subtle yet stunning finish to any dessert.

With these ten must-have sprinkles, your collection will be complete! Visit our website to explore our full range of sparkling delights. And don't forget to follow Bakery Bling on social media for inspiration and updates on their latest products.



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Let the baking adventures begin!

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