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10 Unique Sprinkles That EVERY Baker Must Have in Their Sprinkle Collection

10 Unique Sprinkles That EVERY Baker Must Have in Their Sprinkle Collection:

Sprinkles Every Baker Needs in Their Collection! The Top Ten Best Sprinkles for Baking! Photo: Sprinkle Pool at the Museum of Ice Cream Blog by Bakery Bling Edible Glitter
There are hundreds of dessert topping options, but nothing could ever compare to the one topping that makes any dessert worth eating: sprinkles. 

The best sprinkles in the baking world: Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Confetti Pink Party Ice Cream Photo Blonde with Glitter Sparkles Baking Cookies Cupcakes Cakes Museum of Ice Cream Pink Wall Influencer Foodie
Sprinkles make everything better. Cakes, ice cream, cookies, pop tarts, brownies, cocktails - you name it. Sprinkles practically = celebration, and every day deserves to be celebrated, so having a vast sprinkle collection is necessary to add a little fun to any food or dessert when you need to sprinkle a little bit of happy into your everyday life. 

Rainbow Unicorn Macarons with Bakery Bling Safe Edible Glitter Sprinkles: Top Ten Best Sprinkles for Baking

But what sprinkles are missing from your sprinkle collection? You've heard of jimmies, nonpareils, candy coated chocolate pieces, quins, dragees, and sanding sugar, but get ready to meet the new sprinkles that are shaking up the baking industry: glittery sugar. 

The Safest, Best Edible Glitter for Baking, Cake Decorating, Cookies, Cupcakes, Ice Cream, Cocktails, Desserts and Food. Bakery Bling Unicorn Confetti Blinged Out Glittery Sugar is the safest edible glitter to eat: View unique sprinkles by Bakery Bling Sweetapolita Blog Museum of Ice Cream Fancy Sprinkles Fancy Sugar Neon Yolk Wilton Edible Glitter Sprinkles
Edible glitter has been around for years, and foodie pages all across the World Wide Web can't get enough of it. Consumers go crazy for sparkling sweets and other dazzling and decadent desserts, but what they don't know is that most edible glitter products truly aren't edible. 

The Best, Safest Edible Glitter for Cake Decorating, Cookie Baking, Brownies, Ice Cream, Cocktails, Desserts and Food. Bakery Bling Edible Glittery Sugar Sprinkles Top 10 Unique Sprinkles Every Baker Must Have in their Sprinkle Collection Fancy Sugar Sprinkles, Sweetapolita, Wilton Cakes, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Neon YolkThat is how the world of Bakery Bling came to be. 

Lauren Brooks Bakery Bling CEO: Designer Cookie Kits, Glittery Sugar Edible Glitter Sprinkles, Gingerbread Houses, Designer Cake Decor, and Unique, Girly, Aesthetic Baking

CEO Lauren Brooks founded Bakery Bling when it was discovered that the edible glitter products in the baking world were just "non-toxic" ground-up plastic craft glitters that were meant to be removed before eating. 


The Difference Between Safe, Edible Glitter that is Actually Edible and Dangerous Disco Dust Edible Glitter made of Plastic Craft Glitter. Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar is Safe to Eat!

Fabulous treats should not be harmful to your digestive system or our environment, and who wants to have to remove glitter from sticky icing before devouring an entire cupcake? No one.

Glitter Macarons made with Bakery Bling Purple Edible Glitter Glittery Sugar Sprinkles: Unique macarons for birthdays and weddings

The baking industry had been stuck in a bit of a time warp for over 30 years and bakers were craving something new for their creations. Lauren was determined to turn the baking industry upside down by introducing a luxurious line of glittery sugar sprinkles, made with edible glitters that were truly edible and she would feel safe serving to her family and friends. 

All over wedding birthday glitter sprinkle cake made with safe edible glitter by Bakery Bling

But Lauren didn't stop at glittery sugar, she continuously adds new, innovative products to the Bakery Bling family at lightning speed.

Flower Designer Cookie Kit by Bakery Bling: Pre-made, no bake cookie decorating kits that come with edible glitter sprinkles, royal icing, sugar cookies, and edible icing decor pieces

Unicorn Cake Decorating Kit: Unicorn Bakery Bling Designer Cake Decor is Edible and Comes with Unicorn Horn, Eyes, and Unicorn Sprinkles

Pink Christmas Cookie Gingerbread House by Bakery Bling with Pink Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles and Pastel Baking for the Holidays Snowman Christmas Tree

Mermaid Cake and Cookie Decorating Kit: Easy Quick Mermaid Birthday Party Desserts

Bakery Bling has endless glittery sugars, glittery dusts, edible bling glitters, cookie and cake decorating kits, cocktail products, and more! You may have even seen their products in Walmart, Target, and grocery stores across the U.S.

Disneyland's Viral Golden Churro was made with safe edible glitter by Bakery Bling!

Rose Gold Minnie Macarons made with safe edible glitter Bakery Bling Rose Gold Edible Bling Glitters

If you haven't discovered the magic of Bakery Bling, you will want to add their top ten, best-selling bling of all time to your collection ASAP. 

Diamond Safe Edible Glitter: Bakery Bling Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar for Wedding Cakes

Meet the life-changing glitters that will leave your customers starstruck:

1. Unicorn Confetti Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar 

Bakery Bling Unicorn Confetti Blinged Out Glittery Sugar Edible Glitter Sprinkles

2. Drenched in Diamonds Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar

Bakery Bling Drenched in Diamonds Blinged Out Glittery Sugar Sprinkles for Weddings and Cake Decorating

3. Golden Stardust Glittery Dust 

Bakery Bling Golden Stardust Glittery Dust Safe Edible Glitter Sprinkles with Silver and Gold Edible Glitter Stars

4. Edible Bling Stars 

BIG Edible Glitter Stars

5. Magic Mermaid Glittery Sugar 

Mermaid Sprinkles with Edible Glitter Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar

6. Expensive Taste Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar 

The BEST Metallic Gold Sprinkles: Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Expensive Taste Blinged Out Glittery Sugar Sprinkles
7. 5th Avenue Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar 

The BEST Silver Sprinkles for Cake Decorating Bakery Bling 5th Avenue Blinged Out Edible Glitter Glittery Sugar Sprinkles for Wedding Cakes and More

8. In Bloom Glittery Sugar 

In Bloom Edible Glitter Flower Daisies Sprinkles Bakery bling
9. Pearl Sequins Edible Bling

Edible Glitter Sequins for Desserts and Cake Decorating: Safe Edible Glitter By Bakery Bling

10. Rose Gold Edible Bling Squares 

Rose Gold Edible Glitter Sprinkles Safe Edible Glitter by Bakery Bling Edible Bling

There is a glittery sugar for every occasion at, and every baker should keep their sprinkle collection stocked with the safest, best-selling sparkling glitters in the world of baking. 

Learn more here:

and follow Bakery Bling on social media to keep up with hot, new products and to view a live feed of fabulous creations that will inspire you to create with bling. 
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