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Bling for the Bride: Dreamy Wedding Dessert Details You Didn't Know You Needed
Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles for Wedding Cakes, Cookies, Macarons, Cupcakes, Cocktails, Drinks and More. Bakery Bling Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar
Meet Drenched in Diamonds: The Most Luxurious Sprinkles in the Baking World
Wedding planners, get ready to shake things up! If you are decorating desserts for a wedding reception, or are a maid-of-honor that is seeking simple ways to stun your bride on the day of her bridal shower, look no further. If you want to dazzle wedding guests down to the last detail, Drenched in Diamonds is your savior. This tiny, 3 oz. cube of sugar sprinkles holds the key to a wedding planner's dream, and is sure to be your sparkling sidekick for all special celebrations and events. 

Diamond Engagement Ring Sugar Cookies with Edible Glitter Bakery Bling Diamond Glittery Sugar
Shine Bright: Sparkling Sugar Cookies are Sure to Dazzle Your Wedding Guests!
Weddings wouldn't be weddings without a little bling, right? If you haven't heard of Bakery Bling, you will be glad that you stumbled upon the hottest, new product in the world of baking. Glittery Sugar is sparkly, safe, and selling like hot cakes! Keep scrolling to see why wedding bloggers are going crazy for glittery sugar.

Wedding Macarons with Luxury Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles: Drenched in Diamonds Blinged-Out Glittery Sugar Macarons
Macaron Magic: A Light and Luxurious Treat for the Mr. and Mrs.

Engagement Ring Sugar Cookies Made With Safe, Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles
Sparkling Engagement Ring Cookies: Glittery Sugar That Shines as Bright as the Bride-to-Be

Cookie Artist Liz Joy Recreates Wedding Dresses!

Cookie Artist, Liz Joy (@inspiredtotaste) Creates Sparkling Sugar Cookie Magic with dazzling, Drenched in Diamonds details.

Dazzling Wedding Donuts made with Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles

Brunch for the Bride: Celebrate bridal showers with dazzling donuts dressed in luxurious Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar sprinkles that all the attendees are sure to love.

Wedding Cupcakes with Edible Glitter and White Chocolate Bows
Cupcake Couture: Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar is What Dreams are Made Of

Simple Easy Sparkling Wedding Cupcakes That You Can Make At Home with Bakery Bling Diamond Glittery Sugar
Simple, Easy Sweets are Better with Bling! Drenched in Diamonds is guaranteed to dress up any dessert.

Wedding Cake Pops with Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles
Need to kick those cake pops up a notch? Just add glitter! Drenched in Diamonds is your sparkling sidekick and the solution to all of your wedding dessert dilemmas. 

Wedding Cake With Gorgeous Edible Glitter: Bakery Bling Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar

Add a hint of sparkle to your special day! Cakes with sparkling sugars are sure to stand out.

Romantic Wedding Cakes with Ravishing Edible Glitter Sprinkles and Edible Hearts by Bakery Bling

Diamond Glittery Sugar gets a makeover with Sweetheart the special mix with red heart glitters.

There is no doubt that "Drenched in Diamonds" will become the new staple piece to your sprinkle collection, but the rest of the glittery sugar gang is just as special. Bakery Bling offers a Glittery Sugar in every color, for any occasion! If you want to add a little hue to your wedding confections, you are sure to find a glittery sugar that fits your color scheme. (We can even customize and color match sprinkles and drink rimmers for large, bulk orders)

Make a Toast in Style: Sparkle While You Sip with Glittery Sugar

Serve drinks that make a statement at your bridal shower brunch, or wedding reception. Rim any cocktail (or mocktail) in Glittery Sugar so you can say "cheers" in style and make every wedding celebration extra special. 
Champagne Flutes with Edible Glitter Hearts and Sugar Sprinkles for Valentines Day Weddings Bridal Showers Anniversaries Edible Glitter By Bakery Bling Wedding Drinks and Reception Ideas
Sparkling Champagne Flutes Rimmed in Our Romantic "Special Valentines Day" Glittery Sugar 

Cocktails with Glitter: Edible Glitter Cocktails for Wedding Receptions, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Birthdays, Girls Night In, Holidays and More. Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar Bartender Cocktail Rimmers Drink Rims Bar Supplies Drink Recipes Champagne Valentines Day Drinks
Add Glitz to Your Glass: Rim Your Drinks in Metallic Gold Edible Bling Hearts Edible Glitters

Edible Glitter Drinks Cocktails with Edible Glitter Stars and Glitter Sugar Drink Rims for Weddings Parties Receptions Bridal Showers and More Bakery Bling Edible Glitters
Party in Style: Add Platinum Silver Glitter to the Rim of Your Drink
Floating Edible Bling Silver Stars Can Be Found: Here.

Cocktails with Glitter: Edible Glitter Drink Rims by Bakery Bling Glittery Sugar Sprinkles

adiant Rimmers: White Gold Glittery Sugar Will Make Any Drink Special

Edible Glitter Cocktails with Glitter Drink Rim Wedding Reception Drinks Bridal Shower Brunch Drinks

Say Cheers with Sparkle: Serve Drinks that Make a Statement with Glittery Sugar Rims 

Click-to-Shop: Checkout our 15 best-selling, most sought after Glittery Sugar sprinkles that fit an array of special wedding themes below:
5th Avenue Platinum Silver Metallic Sugar Sprinkles with Edible Glitter by Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Pearl White Sequins by Bakery Bling Silver Glittery Dust with Edible Glitter Sprinkles and Red Edible Hearts Bling by Bakery Bling Large Edible Glitter Squares in Pearl White Platinum Colors by Bakery Bling Wedding Anniversary Valentines Day Sprinkles with Edible Glitter Hearts by Bakery Bling Opal Iridescent Platinum Edible Glitter Sugar Sprinkles by Bakery Bling City Lights Glittery Sugar Light Blue Sky Blue Baby Blue Frozen Princess Elsa Sprinkles Birthday Cake Party Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Drenched in Diamonds Glittery Sugar Edible Glitter Bakery Bling Sprinkles for Weddings Birthday Cakes Cookies Cupcakes Cakepops Unicorn Party Anniversary Christmas Cookies for Santa Valentines Day White Gold and Gold Edible Glitter Stars Sugar Sprinkles Glittery Sugar Bakery Bling for Cake Decorating Baking cookies cupcakes ice cream sprinkles and drink rims Rose Gold Edible Glitter Squares and Gold Glitter Squares Safe Edible Glitter by Bakery Bling Edible Glitter Large Gold Metallic Squares by Bakery Bling Expensive Taste Blinged Out Sprinkles with Lots of Glitter for Baking Cakes Cupcakes Cookies Ice Cream Cake Pops Coral Pink Blush Tone Edible Glitter Gold Sugar Sprinkles by Bakery Bling for Baking Cakes Cupcakes Cookies and more Pink Romantic Valentines Day Sprinkles with Edible Glitter Bakery Bling Make Me Blush Glittery Sugar for Baking Cakes Cookies Cupcakes Cocktail Rims and more Gold Glittery Dust with Edible Glitter Metallic Gold and Silver by Bakery Bling for Baking Cookies Cakes Cupcakes Cocktail Rims and more Flashy Rose Gold Pink Sugar Sprinkles with Edible Glitter by Bakery Bling

Everything is better with bling, and we want you to find the glittery sugar of your dreams. If you need help finding a glittery sugar to match your theme, feel free to reach out to our fabulous Customer Service reps through email, social media outlets, or by phone, and they would be more than happy to give, sincere, sparkling suggestions and tips on how to plan the most dazzling details for the day that you will never forget. 

Follow Bakery Bling on social media, and view our Instagram feed to discover exciting new ways to use Glittery Sugar and the rest of our glittery products. 

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