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Women Owned Company Bakery Bling is Shaking Up the Baking Industry

Meet the woman responsible for sprinkling a little glitter over baking industry: Lauren Brooks, CEO of Bakery Bling, is passionate about stylish, sparkling sweets and unique glittery sugar sprinkles that are safe for customers to consume.   

It all began with an idea to create a line of low-calorie, ready made show-stopping cocktails and cocktail rims that were as sparkly and they were delicious. Through the process of creating the cocktail rims, Lauren discovered that the edible glitter sold online and in-stores was not truly edible. Lauren and team worked together to create a gorgeous edible glitter that was not only sparkly, but safe to consume. After doing some research, Lauren discovered that glitter cake dusts, and glitter sprays were dangerous not only to the human digestive system, but also our ecosystem. 

After creating the line of Glass Glitz™ and taking our glittery cocktail rimmers to the market, people started noticing the uniqueness of our product and began asking if we could make a product like this for the baking industry. This is how Bakery Bling came to life! 

The baking industry had been stuck in a bit of a time warp for over 30 years and bakers were craving something new for their creations. With more research, we found that the vast majority of glitter being used in the baking industry was ground up plastic that was "non-toxic" but not genuinely edible. In fact, it's make up was identical to the craft glitter you could buy in the art section at Hobby Lobby and was made to be removed before consuming. Lauren knew what she had to do.

After a little work in the kitchen, she figured out the perfect formula for a new line of glittery sugar toppings for all desserts that she felt comfortable serving to her family and friends. 

Only 3 years later, Bakery Bling is Lauren's top-selling line with customers all over the world. Sales have doubled every year since inception and the future is bright!

Lauren even owns SugarLab, which is her very own sugar production company where they create a natural line of glittery sugars and their very own certified organic line of sanding sugars. As Lauren loves to create, Bakery Bling continues to add new, innovative products to the marketplace!

Meet the Designer Cookie Kit: 

Unicorn Bakery Bling Designer Cookie Kit

Lauren came up with the idea to put out luxurious cookie decorating kit that included her signature glittery sugar, that came with everything needed to create professional-looking cookies in minutes without the hassle and mess of baking. 

It started with their classic, best-selling Designer Cookie Kit, the unicorn. 

Bakery Bling Unicorn Designer Cookie Kit

Each Designer Cookie Kit comes with pre-baked cookies, delicious cookie icing, luxurious glittery sugar, and fun, edible icing decor pieces to bring your creation to life. There is no oven required, so you can enjoy all the sparkle and decorating without the stress of baking.

Llama Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit Designer Cookie Kit by Bakery Bling Glamping RV Llama Cactus Cookie Kit


Princess Party Sugar Cookies: Bakery Bling Tiara Designer Cookie Decorating Kit

There are many Designer Cookie Kits in Bakery Bling's Designer Decorating Kit family, and their collection grows and grows each month making them the perfect addition to any birthday party or special occasion, as there is almost a Designer Cookie Kit for any theme you can think of!

Snowflake Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit: Bakery Bling Designer Cookie Kit
Dinosaur Cookie Decorating Kit Stegosaurus Sugar Cookies Easy


Bakery Bling even has cookie houses and gingerbread for the Christmas season so you can bring a hint of fabulous to your holiday festivities. 

Designer Cookie Kit Sugar Cookie Decorating Kit House for Christmas Bakery Bling


Designer Cake Decor: Not your Average Cake Decorating Kit.

Designer Cake Decor will turn any ordinary cake from bland to bling. Each kit is made with edible pieces that will help you create professional looking cakes without the professional bakery price tag. Create luxurious cakes for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal and wedding celebrations, holidays, and more! 

The internet is raving about Bakery Bling, and how their products are shaking up the baking world. Enter the fabulous world of Bakery Bling at, or find a retail location near you that carries their Designer Decorating Kits and Glittery Sugars.

To learn more about Bakery Bling, or interact with their sweet team and social media staff, follow them here:

Instagram: @BakeryBling
Twitter: @BakeryBling



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