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The truth about edible glitter:

All that glitters is gold...or is it? We put together a guide with everything you need to know about edible glitter (and not-so-edible-glitter) so you can serve your family, friends and clients sparkles that are safe to digest and look pretty too!

The Rise of Edible Glitter:

With major trends such as unicorn cakes and mermaid sundaes breaking the internet and popping up on Pinterest feeds and foodie blogs, we are witnessing the rise of edible glitter.

Instagram foodfluencers everywhere are competing to come up with the most bizarre, over-the-top use for edible glitter. From lattes and cocktails, to pizza and gravy, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to flashy food.

But not all edible glitter is edible. In fact, most cake dust and decorative glitter products on the market are not meant to be eaten at all. Many of these products are marketed as cake decorating supplies, but are made of tiny, ground-up microplastics, or “non-toxic” craft glitters that are exactly what would be found in the crafting aisle at Michael’s. These glitters are not *actually* edible and are meant to be removed before consumption, which defeats the purpose of calling it “edible”, right? That’s how Bakery Bling was born!

When researching and creating her first line of edible glitter cocktail products “Glass Glitz”, Bakery Bling owner and CEO Lauren Brooks, was shocked by the number of false claims made about edible glitters in the marketplace. “Edible” was actually a misnomer, as was “non-toxic” – with products chock full of microplastics and chemicals. Lauren identified the need to combine innovation with food safety in the world of baking and worked with her team to introduce the first-of-its-kind, truly edible glitter sprinkles to the world of baking: “Glittery Sugar™”.

What is Glittery Sugar?

Glittery Sugars™ are premium sugar sprinkle mixes made with edible glitters designed with FDA-approved ingredients only. No microplastics. No non-toxic ingredients. Just safe to consume, sparkling, sweet fun meant to decorate desserts and move through your digestive system safely.

Glittery Sugar™ is versatile, stylish, and can be used to dress-up virtually any dessert, drink or food that you can think of. The possibilities are endless!

What to Expect from Glittery Sugar?

The edible bling in our Glittery Sugar™ mixes are flavorless, and have no textures that will effect the experience of enjoying a cocktail or cake dazzled with our bling. The sugar sprinkles themselves are sweet and colored with dyes that won’t run or bleed and are also freeze, bake and thaw safe. Like all Bakery Bling™ products, Glittery Sugar™ is manufactured in a nut-free facility, so they are peanut and tree nut allergy safe, as well as certified kosher.

Which Glittery Sugar is Right For Me?

There is a Glittery Sugar™ that exists to help celebrate any special occasion! From our original classic colors, to Unicorn Confetti, Magic Mermaid, or In Bloom, there is sure to be a blend that suits your style.

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