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🎄 Bling on the Holidays ✨

Home for the holidays has a whole new meaning in 2020. Whether your family can gather together in person, or over FaceTime, we’ve got the perfect activity to create lasting memories! Bakery Bling has a wide assortment of gingerbread houses and cookie kits for every celebration. To make things easy, we’ve paired some of our kits with classic Christmas movies! Our Designer Kit include everything you need to decorate professional looking cookies. Follow along with our step by step instructions and enjoy the finished product while watching a movie that pairs perfectly.

A classic Christmas staple is the Christmas Tree. For this Designer Cookie Kit, we’ve paired the movie, A Peanut’s Christmas. The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree has stood the test of time! Add as many or as little light bulb decorations to your Christmas Tree Designer Cookie Kit as you’d like! 

Charlie Brown Christmas with Christmas Tree Designer Cookie Kit

If you get to enjoy snow during the winter season, you know the excitement that comes along with the first snowfall of the year. Don’t keep it bottled up, you’ve got to let it go!! If the cold does bother you, stay warm inside decorating our Snowflake Designer Cookie Kit and watching Frozen.

Frozen with Snowflake Designer Cookie Kit 
After the snow finally does fall, it’s time to build a snowman! The magic in his silk hat will bring the fun to life with your family! Watch Frosty the Snowman while enjoying your Snowman Designer Cookie Kit! 

Frosty the Snowman with Snowman Designer Cookie Kit

Shake up the holidays with our Snowglobe Designer Cookie Kit! After creating these adorable cookies, cozy up on the couch to watch Home Alone. Marv enjoys collecting snowglobes, and your family can enjoy eating them! 

Home Alone with Snowglobe Designer Cookie Kit

Cousin Eddie approved, we’ve paired Christmas RV Llama Designer Cookie Kit with National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation! We hope you enjoy spending time with your family, even if they are on the nutty side. 

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Christmas RV Llama Designer Cookie Kit

Do you hear reindeer hooves on the roof? Decorate the adorable Red House Designer Cookie Kit, while watching the magic of Santa Clause unfold. This kit makes it easy for Santa to slide down the chimney and deliver gifts! 

The Santa Clause with Red House Designer Cookie Kit

Santa!! We know him!! Grab our Santa’s Workshop Designer Gingerbread Kit and turn on Elf! The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear! And of course, decorating a Bakery Bling Gingerbread House. 

Elf with Santa's Workshop Designer Gingerbread Kit

Spread Christmas cheer with Gingerbread Man Designer Cookie Kit, while watching The Grinch. Each Gingerbread Man kit comes with 8 unique sweater designs accessories. Can you make yours look better than the Grinch’s sweater?

The Grinch with Gingerbread Man Designer Cookie Kit

As 2020 reminds us how important family and quality time are, we hope you can create some new magical traditions. From our Bakery Bling family to yours, we wish you a fabulous holiday season!

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Jun 23, 2022

if you like bakery bling you definitely need to check out if you haven’t already! There are vegan products as well, better for the little ones. :)

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