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Magical Manor Designer Insta-House™

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Unicorn Merry Manor Designer Gingerbread Insta-House™ is a unique, festive gingerbread house decorating kit like never before! 

Deep in the North Pole Woods is a Merry Manor where the unicorns frolic, frock, and drink hot cocoa. While the Merry Manor in all of its glory is hard to find (seriously it took us a week of backpacking in the snow to find it) we took some notes and recreated it as an insta-house™ at the Bakery Bling headquarters so you could experience its wonders yourself!

The Merry Manor Insta-House™ comes with pre-baked gingerbread house pieces, festive unicorn royal icing pieces, our signature glittery sugar™ sprinkles, delicious cookie icing, and step-by-step instructions for assembly. 

Our patent-pending thermoforms allow you to assemble your hard work in seconds! Simply apply icing to the back of your decorated gingerbread cookie and apply it to the form. Within seconds your pieces are sturdy and assembled, taking the wait time and stress out of traditional gingerbread homes.

Building Instagram-worthy gingerbread houses has never been easier!

Merry Manor is an Insta-House™, meaning it includes our patent-pending theraform technology that allows you to assemble your decorated gingerbread house pieces in seconds - making cookie house decorating easier than ever before. Follow along with the step-by-step instructions found on the back of the box, decorate along with our YouTube tutorial, or customize your Designer Gingerbread Insta-House™ to suit your own style! The Insta-House™ makes cookie house decorating a breeze.

Enjoy your Unicorn Merry Manor Designer Gingerbread Insta-House™ as a delicious holiday dessert, or save and use as a fun, decorative accent for seasonal decor. The possibilities are endless!

  • Manufactured in an OU certified kosher, nut-allergy friendly facility!
  • Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Pieces
  • Festive Royal Icing Decor Pieces
  • Premium Glittery Sugar™ sprinkles
  • Pre-Made Royal Cookie Icing
  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Assembly
  • Patent-Pending Theraform Mold for Easy Building

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