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Black Starry Night Glittery Sugar™


Nutritional Facts

Glittery Sugar™ is the first edible glitter sprinkle mix of its kind! Designed to be the first truly 100% edible glitter product on the marketing, Glittery sugar™ is made from a luxurious blend of premium sugar crystals and Bakery Bling™’s signature edible glitters made from FDA-approved ingredients that are safe for both safe to consume and biodegradable, making them better for your digestive system and the environment!

  • 3 oz. (85g) - Sprinkle shaker with Starry Night Glittery Sugar™
  • Glittery Sugar™ details: Black and gold sugar crystals embellished with gold glitters and metallic gold edible glitter stars.
  • All ingredients are FDA-approved and 100% edible
  • Nut-free/nut-allergy safe
  • Dairy-free/dairy-allergy safe
  • Baked, manufactured, and packed in a nut-free/dairy-free facility
  • OU Certified Kosher
  • Bake stable 
  • Freeze/thaw safe
  • No bleeding

Glittery Sugar™ is proud to contain no microplastics, or non-toxic chemicals commonly found in most edible glitter products on the market.

Turn any food or drink item from bland to bling! While most edible cake glitters were made to be removed before consumption, Glittery Sugar™ was designed to be digested! Sprinkle sparkling, worry-free fun onto any edible food, drink or dessert to create edible, sparkling magic!

Glittery Sugar™ is commonly used to decorate brownies, cakes, cake pops, cookies, cocktails, cupcakes, donuts, lattes, macarons, pastries, & pies - but we’ve also seen it used to decorate bagels, sushi, pizza crust, popcorn, & more! The possibilities are endless with Glittery Sugar™

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