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Saturday & Sunday 10:00 - 15:00" } } }, "block_order": [ "c0a16eb4-9d0c-47dc-8f89-0c1e4053140c", "915f7eee-0441-4a4d-bfd1-ec9690a87aae", "286be55d-ca53-46a2-aebd-08a9e376c7f7", "a97700e7-c17f-416a-9d7b-fb94d025e180" ], "settings": { "enable_map": false, "select_style_map": "style_map", "link_map": "https:\/\/\/maps\/@-37.6480895,144.939916,17z?hl=vi-VN", "enable_get_find": true, "title_get_right": "Send us an message", "description_get_right": "", "enable_email": true, "placeholder_input_name": "Your name...", "placeholder_input_mail": "Your mail...", "placeholder_input_message": "Your message...", "iconmail": "ti-email", "button_sunmit_mail": "SEND", "enable_find_left": true, "title_find_left": "Question or Comments?", "description_find_left": "If you have questions or comments about Bakery Bling, or would like to give us feedback, we would love to hear from you!

\nWe also love seeing pictures of anything you have tried from our site. While I think you should post those on our Bakery Bling Facebook Page for all to see, we also welcome them in our inbox.
\nSend us a shoutout on Social Media! Our team monitors comments and interactions daily.<\/strong>" } }, "newsletter_contact_v2": { "type": "newsletter_contact_v2", "disabled": true, "settings": { "title_newletter": "SIGN UP FOR NEWSLETTER", "color_title": "", "content_newletter": "Subscribe to the weekly newsletter for all the latest updates", "color_content": "", "margin_top": "", "margin_bottom": "" } } }, "order": [ "contact_template_v2", "newsletter_contact_v2" ] }