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We've got the bling for Spring!

Everything Is Better With Bling!

Your Glitter Connoisseurs

Bakery Bling™ is home to all things glittery, fabulous and FUN! Our mission is to provide everything you need to create sweet, safe, everlasting memories with your family and friends.

We started with creating the first line of luxurious, non-toxic, plastic-free and truly edible Glittery Sugar™ for bakeries far and wide. From there, we designed a world of whimsical gingerbread houses, unique cookie decorating kits, and edible designer cake toppers. Our newest product, the Insta-House™, hit shelves in the Fall of 2021 and was recently named “The Gingerbread House of the Millennials”.

Bakery Bling - Made In The USA Since 2014


Bakery Bling - Made In The USA Since 2014

Bakery Bling™ was born from its sister company, Little Waisted™ – a line of low calorie, ready-made cocktails and cocktail rims. Through the process of creating these cocktail rims, we created a glitter that was completely non-toxic, free of plastics, and truly edible.

After creating our first line of sugar, appropriately called Glass Glitz™, and taking our glittery rimmers to the market, people started noticing the uniqueness of our product and began asking if we could make a product like this for the baking industry. Shortly thereafter, Bakery Bling™ was born!


Headquartered in Oklahoma City, our 100,000 square-foot, top-of-the-line production facility creates every aspect of our product on-site. Our Glittery Sugar™, specialty icing, and freshly baked cookies are all produced Kosher, nut-free, and without any plastic whatsoever.

Our products are also bake stable, freeze/thaw safe, and do not bleed.


Empowering She™ is dedicated to women giving back to women. Being an entrepreneur herself, Lauren Brooks, founder of Bakery Bling™, celebrates women entrepreneurs because she truly understands how hard it is to start a business from the ground up. She believes in the importance of giving back to empower women in the workplace.

100% of the proceeds of our Shero blend go to Empowering She™.

For more information on this cause, please email us at
empoweringshe (at)