Bakery Bling Snow Queen Natural Glittery Sugar Sprinkles
Bakery Bling Natural Snow Queen Glittery Sugar Sprinkles | Vegan, Christmas, Winter, Blue & White, Snow

Natural Snow Queen

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All Natural Snow Queen Glittery Sugar™

*NEW! - All Glittery Sugar from our Natural Collection will arrive in our luxury cube-shaped packaging that now allows for 3 oz. of bling!  

Bakery Bling™ is a one of a kind dessert couture! It is a line of colorful sugars enhanced with edible glitter. Everything in this product is 100% edible and proudly made in the USA! 

Our naturally colored Bakery Bling™ is made with: Sugar, Caranuba Wax, Fruit & Vegetable Colors, Gum Arabic, Calcium Carbonate.

Package Size: 3oz (85g)

Kosher - Made in USA - Vegan Friendly