Cookie Kit Tutorials - Draft2

Narwhal Tutorial

Summer just got sweeter! Dive into endless, effortless fun with our Narwhal Designer Cookie Kit. Each kit comes with our top-selling glittery sugarTM and everything needed to make all of your Narwhal dreams come true.

Unicorn Tutorial

Our Unicorn Designer Cookie Kit is magical, glittery experience that is fund for the entire family! Perfect for Unicorn birthday parties, rainy day, or just for fun. Includes our best-selling Unicorn Confetti Glittery Sugar.

Dinosaur Tutorial

Making sparkling Stegosaurus Cookies has never been so simple! Each Dinosaur Designer Cookie Kit comes with everything you need to make cookies that stomp and sparkle without any ovens or mess.

Mermaid Tutorial

Make a splash with these magical mermaid tails! Use for birthday party activities, sleepovers, or just when you feel like having some glittery fun! Includes our best-selling glittery sugarTM.

Flower Tutorial

Our Flower Designer Cookie Kit is what the buzz is all about! Making sparkling cookies for Spring has never been more fun! Decorate cookies in a flash without the hassle and mess of baking.

Easter Basket Tutorial

Bunnies and bling are the sweetest part of Spring! Creating special treats for Easter is simple with our Easter Basket Designer Cookie Kit. Make every holiday special with Bakery Bling.

Flag Tutorial

Red, White, and Bling! Our Flag Designer Cookie Kit comes with all of the ingredients and glittery fun needed to make heart shaped cookies that are pretty and patriotic.

Snowman Tutorial

Decorating cookies for Santa has never been easier! Create snowmen that sparkle in just a few simple steps. Comes complete with everything you need to make designer cookies without all of the mess!

Hanukkah Tutorial

Star of David cookies just got sparklier! Each kit comes with all of the glittery fun and royal icing accessories to make fabulous cookies for the holidays with minimum clean up time!

Fall Tutorial

Designer pumpkin cookies made simple! Create fabulous fall cookies in minutes with this Fall Designer Cookie Kit by Bakery Bling.

Snowman Tutorial

Spooky and sweet! Bling up your friendly Ghost girl or boy with only a few simple steps! This Designer Cookie Kit includes everything you need to create tasty glittery ghouls with minimal mess!