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Make a Bunny Ear Cookie House with Bakery Bling CEO, Lauren Brooks!

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Follow along with Bakery Bling founder & CEO, Lauren Brooks as she decorates a fully-edible bunny ear cookie house using the Bunny Bungalow Designer Cookie House & Cottontail Couture Designer Cake Decor - best-sellers from the 2023 Bakery Bling Easter Collection!


Bunny Ear Cookie House Kit by Bakery Bling
Decorate a bunny ear cookie house with Bakery Bling founder and CEO, Lauren Brooks!

Getting the family together is the best part of any holiday. If you are a parent, you know how fulfilling holidays can truly be when you go the extra mile to make it memorable and fun for the kids. Lauren Brooks, CEO and founder of WomenOwned™ company Bakery Bling™ is a momtrepreneur of 3 that built her company off the idea of bringing families together by designing products that allow busy parents to enjoy hands-on, stress-free activities in the kitchen with their children with minimal effort or prep-time.

Bakery Bling™’s original line of Designer Cookie Kits and Houses that were the first of their kind – offering trendy and affordable pre-made cookie kits that are ready to decorate right out of the box and easy enough for all ages to enjoy! Since their launch, Lauren’s Designer Cookie Kits and Houses have released collections of kits for every holiday and occasion, making them a staple in many households across the globe with families adopting them into their holiday traditions for years to come.

To celebrate the Easter season, Lauren hopped in the kitchen with us to bring you her very-own bunny ear cookie house creation using the Bunny Bungalow Designer Cookie House and Cottontail Couture Designer Cake Decor from her 2023 Bakery Bling™ Easter Collection.

Watch the video below to see how Lauren decorated her own bunny ear cookie house!

Want to create your own bunny ear cookie house like Lauren? Hop on over to Bakery Bling™’s website to get your paws on kits from her Easter Collection! You can follow the step-by-step instructions on the back of the box, watch the provided video tutorials to decorate the traditional Bakery Bling™ way, or put add own creative spin on your festive treats and tag @bakerybling on social media to be featured!


Get The Lauren Look:
Easter Bunny cake decorated with the Bakery Bling Easter Bunny edible cake topper decorating kit

Easter cookie house by Bakery Bling - the Bunny Bungalow Designer Cookie House activity kit

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