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We've got the bling for Spring!

About Lauren Brooks


Bakery Bling™ was born from its sister company Little Waisted™. It began with an idea to create a line of low calorie, ready made cocktails and cocktail rims. Through the process of creating the cocktail rims, we created a glitter that was TRULY edible and something you would want to give your friends and family!

After creating the line of Glass Glitz™ and taking our glittery rimmers to the market, people started noticing the uniqueness of our product and began asking if we could make a product like this for the baking industry. This is how Bakery Bling™ was born!

The baking industry had been stuck in a bit of a time warp for over 30 years and bakers were craving something new for their creations. With more research, we found that the vast majority of glitter being used in the baking industry was ground up plastic that was “non-toxic” but not genuinely edible.

We already had the glitter, so after a little work in the kitchen, Lauren Brooks, Founder, figured out the perfect formula for a new line of glittery toppings for all desserts!

We set out to create the glitter that you see in bakeries everywhere, but make a product that you would want to feed your kids! Only 3 years later and Bakery Bling™ is our top selling line with customers all over the world. We have doubled in sales every year since our inception and the future is bright!

Our newest creation is SugarLab™! SugarLab™ is our very own sugar production company where we create our natural line of glittery sugars™ and our certified organic line of sanding sugars. We love to create, so this keeps us busy as bees continually adding new, innovative products to the marketplace!